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Jewish paper and plastic Picado. San Francisco Mission. What can we celebrate Morning Jewers so I can get one and hang it for an episode?

Work always presents us with a range of unappealing choices from which we must choose. That’s not a problem with sex work. That’s the problem with work.

Melissa Gira Grant


*That was some week

The two funniest WASPs.

Both Spalding Gray and Robin Williams had Christian Scientist mothers. So it’s a tragedy tomorrow, comedy tonight kind of religion?

Robin Williams - Inside the Actor’s Studio.

You’ll try to watch a few minutes and end up putting off stuff for the next 90.

I don’t wanna go to some kind of HG Wells contraption of trying to control the weather. That’s what making a movie is.

Jerry Seinfeld (true for trappings of status or investment or appearance of a company, anything removed from the thing you actually want to do)

Attention to detail and stuff for customers is an old business concern. But how often does it go hand in hand with cruelty? Does the detail obsession from loving care or from a need to control? The test is if someone cares as much about how they treat people as they do about a towel, a paragraph, an interface. More on how this infamous campaign designed by a PR firm made Leona Helmsley a “Queen.”

The adorable, hilarious Paula Pell’s web video series Hudson Valley Ballers. Directed by my pal Silas Howard . Paula has written for Saturday Night Live for a long damn time and it’s great to see her on camera. Great queer sensibility to this show.