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This is Howard Stern’s show the day after Joan Rivers’ funeral where he gave the eulogy, starting fittingly, with a joke about Joan’s vagina. I hope this is left up but it may not be so I recommend listening to this closest thing to a general audience shiva for Joan that I have found. It’s terrific and there’s tape from Joan’s many past appearance and bits like how Joan’s accountant spoke at the funeral (Melissa apparently has a pretty great producer’s touch) and the deal around Barry Diller’s fight when Joan had to leave Fox at the height of her career  

Hugh Jackman sang this song at Joan Rivers’ funeral this past weekend. Everyone gave Joan a standing ovation at the end. I’d never heard of the song before but I love in. Makes me ferklempt and conveys so much of theatre and that power of owning your space. Joan Rivers owned her space on stage. I’m finding myself so inspired by her self-legitimizing in a life and time made that so difficult. She lived the life she wanted to. That is a lot. There is nothing like a musical theatre song that gets you in the kishkas. Or a life that shows you by example that it is up to you. That no one may give you anything but that there’s no need for that to stop you living the extraordinary life you want.

While [Kate Bush] may have been semi-absent from our lives, she has been fully present in your own….it takes a lot of life to make work this good. -Tracey Thorn

Fran Lebowitz. With wallpaper as delicious as her wit. 

by Peter Hujar in the Permanency show. Where you can see it now. 

Photographer Dita Pepe took photos imagining herself in many different lives with different families/countries. It’s a cool project with more photos at featureshoot but when I first read the description I thought she’d pictured herself partnered with men, women and people of all genders. That would be fantastic.

Tangent Xmas Show w @scottcapurro @davidmillsdept @andrea levin & @bridget Schwartz #tbt #whentherewerenewspapers

"If I set this premise up right, the joke will always work." - Chris Rock

So on the money. Forget the glamour shot, quippy name, what the hell made that moment inevitable?

Worthwhile conversation between Chris Rock, Jerry Seinfeld, Louis CK and Ricky Gervais

Jewish paper and plastic Picado. San Francisco Mission. What can we celebrate Morning Jewers so I can get one and hang it for an episode?